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The Alchemy of Cachaça

Cachaça’s Journey from Sugarcane to Spirit

Cachaça Bela is as pure an expression of Brasil’s spirit as we can imagine.

Freshly harvested sugarcane stalks are cold-pressed into juice. With careful attention to temperature and aeration, the juice is fermented with no added yeast (or any other ingredient).

After 24 to 36 hours, the natural ambient yeast have consumed most of the sugar to create a sugarcane wine. At about 15 percent alcohol, it is transferred into tall tanks to allow the yeast to settle and finish off the remaining sugar.

This unclouded sugarcane wine is then slowly distilled to coax out a long parade of flavors, aromas, and liquid textures that are carefully chosen to bring you the very best clear, pure cachaça.

Our Prata cachaça has a delicate balance of herbal and floral aromas with a fresh-cut-grass vegetal sweetness.

One of the very few clear cachaças you’ll want to sip neat, while you’re preparing the perfect Caipirinhã.

Our multiple gold medal winning barrel-aged Ouro expression is an inviting blend of warm vanilla and caramel apple with a breeze of toasted almonds. Best enjoyed neat or in your favorite cocktail.

Enjoy responsibly with your friends.


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