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The story of Cachaça Bela

Cachaça Bela embodies the essence of the verdant hills of Minas Gerais, Brasil. From the iron-rich bright red soil, generous rains, and blazing sun comes a flavor that is intricate and sophisticated.

Notes of fresh-cut grass, vanilla, caramel, and sweet marzipan transport you to a place out of time. Both light and decadent, complex and versatile, Cachaça Bela is proof that a good cachaça can be a cocktail of delicious contradictions.


Alchemy of Cachaça Bela


Cachaça Bela is an artisanal cachaça crafted by hand-distilling naturally fermented sugar cane juice in handmade single-batch copper stills.

Unlike a typical cachaça, a mere third of the distilled spirit, the coraçao, the heart of the cachaça, is then carefully selected for barrel-aging in a proprietary blend of toasted woods resulting in our award-winning cachaça.

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